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DJ Tigerlily

Dara Hayes aka DJ Tigerlily is living the life of her dreams in all facets: career, health, wealth and love.

She is one of Australia's top female DJs and can be seen touring the world playing alongside the likes of Tiesto. She has created a brand with over 1 million followers and has diversified her business to attract premium brand sponsorships. 

She shares her routines that have helped her to succeed:

+ Morning & night routines

+ Food philosophy

+ Fitness workouts

+ Beauty regimen

+ Travel routines

+ Business tips for DJs, Musicians & Creatives


Elizabeth Gageler

Elizabeth is a health obsessed girl from Sydney who has adopted a plant based, holistic lifestyle to overcome a plethora of health issues.

Elizabeth has been able to implement routines and lifestyle changes to overcome depression and anxiety. As a teenager she struggled with mental health challenges and was heavily medicated for the most part of 10 years. It was only until she turned to the power of plants (foods and essential oils); weight lifting and powerlifting; self-love and personal development; and of course mumma nature that she navigated her way out. Now in her 30s she is healthier, stronger, happier and most importantly medication free.

Elizabeth is passionate about:

+ Plant based foods

+ Essential oils and crystals

+ Powerlifting 

+ Chemical free living 

+ Mindset and personal development 



Kylie Gilbert

Kylie Gilbert is a Personal Trainer based in Sydney, Australia. She has overcome her own battle with an eating disorder and has gone on to teach, train and inspire hundreds of females on how to improve their life through a holistic approach to health - fitness, nutrition and self-love.


She is well known on Instagram by her long blonde hair and rocking abs but most importantly for keeping the conversation REAL and providing honest tips and advice for all females. 


Kylie shares her routines for living a fit and healthy life:

+ Morning & night routines

+ Food & meal prepping routines

+ Fitness & training routines

+ Beauty & business routines

+ Bonus: FREE 12 week training program



Amy Evans

Amy has overcome chronic health issues through her use of routines. She shares her routines for healing:

+ Gut health including Leaky Gut, SIBO, Candida

+ Viruses including Epstein Barr Virus (EBV) 

+ Hormone imbalances including adrenals, thyroid and sex hormones

+ Toxin overload including detoxing and living a toxin-free lifestyle