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Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth (SIBO) can be very frustrating to treat. I have experienced this first hand over the past few years trying different approaches to try to cure my own battle with a very stubborn case of Methane dominant SIBO.

You can read about my 3 step approach to treating SIBO and why I keep relapsing with SIBO articles.  

Along the way I myself have done a LOT of research to try to compliment advice given to me by health practitioners. There are so many amazing resources out there for SIBO, however, by gee does it take up lots of time and not to mention mental stamina (... and confusion with contradicting information!)

So I thought it would be really useful to share some of the useful sites and articles that I read and can help you on your SIBO journey. The following are 5 sites which I regularly check in on.


#1 Dr Westin Child

Dr Westin Child is a practicing Functional Medicine Doctor, and his site RestartMed has by far the most comprehensive article on SIBO I’ve found to date. It’s a shame as well because I don’t think many people are well versed in his materials. Check out his article called - 8 Step SIBO Protocol: Diet Guide + Treatment Guide + Supplements. It is an extensive guide talking all about symptoms, potential root causes and the many facets of treating it.

Key takeaways for SIBO treatment


  • The diets that tend to work the best for SIBO include:

  • Low FODMAP's Diet

  • SCD Diet

  • GAPS Diet

  • Personally my favourite has been the low FODMAP diet. You can see Monash University if you are not sure which low FODMAP site to trust. 

Reducing bacterial overload

  • The use of antibiotics (e.g. rifaximin) or herbal ‘antibiotics’ (e.g. berberine, oregano oil, caprylic acid, undecylenic acid, thyme oil and grapefruit seed extract) to reduce bacterial load during treatment phase.

Repopulating beneficial bacteria


Support the body


After treatment phase, the necessary inclusion of supplements to support rebuilding of intestinal lining (e.g. L-Glutamine), immune system (e.g. zinc, selenium) and detoxification (e.g. curcumin, milk thistle).

During this phase he also recommends use of prokinetics to increase GI motility (e.g. iberogast) in cases of constipation and use of intermittent fasting to help manage the bacterial load i.e. reduce it.

Dr Child also has a great podcast which I recently discovered and have on my to listen to list. It is called Dr Westin Childs Podcast.



#2 The 2017 Integrative SIBO Conference


You can access a summary of all the key presenters from the 2017 Integrative SIBO Conference here. It is a really informative summary of all the key takeaways from the day. It is always reassuring to know that you are following the advice of the best leaders in the field.

2017 SIBO Conference Topics

  • SIBO Overview: Causes, Effects, Diagnosis, and Treatment

  • SIBO, Food Intolerances, and the Bi-phasic Diet Protocol

  • SIBO and Skin Diseases

  • The Microbiome-Brain Connection: SIBO, the Liver, Cognition, Depression and Anxiety

  • Methylation, Genomics, and SIBO

  • Addressing SIBO Biofilms and Advanced Methods for Treating Methane

  • SIBO and Rheumatology: Does Bacterial Overgrowth Impact Autoimmunity?

  • Restless Legs Syndrome: The Role of SIBO and Inflammation

  • Herbal Considerations to Effectively Treat SIBO and SIFO

  • Manipulation of Gut Microbiota and GI Motility for Treatment and Prevention of SIBO

Go read the summary here.



#3 Dr Allison Siebecker


I thought it was necessary to call out Dr Allison Siebecker here as she is such a pivotal part of leading the SIBO research and in the SIBO industry itself . Her slides used in her presentation at the Integrative SIBO Conference in March 2017 can be accessed here. Allison’s website also has a plethora of SIBO resources and can be accessed here.

Key takeaways from Dr Siebecker 

  • Average 60% of IBS is caused by SIBO

  • Main symptoms are bloating, pain, constipation/diarrhea/both + food sens

  • Food Poisoning is the most common risk factor of SIBO

  • Deficient Migrating Motor Complex is the most common underlying cause of SIBO

  • Diagnosis is by the Lactulose Breath Test

  • It is a chronic, relapsing condition in 2/3 patients, therefore ongoing management is critical

  • Main treatments include a combination of:

    • Diet - Elemental Diet, SCD / GAPS, Low Fodmap, Cedars-Sinai Low Fermentation Diet, SIBO Bi-phasic Diet, Fast Track Digestion

    • Antibiotics / Herbal Antibiotics - rifaximin or natural ones commonly used include Berberine, Oregano, Neem and allicin (if methane dominant)

    • Prokinetics - pharmaceuticals (e.g. Erythromycin, Prucalopride, Naltrexone) or herbals (e.g. STW 5 (Iberogast), Motility Pro, Ginger)

    • Use of diet, fasting, physical manipulation, stress reduction and possibly more treatment is required as part of prevention



#4 The 2017 SIBO Summit

The SIBO Summit this year was amazing. It is run by Shivan Sarna who organised over 20 SIBO doctors, practitioners, nutritionists and patients to share their top tips for treatment and overcoming SIBO.

SIBO Summit Topics

This year it covered a wide range of topics from the fundamentals of causes, diagnosis, treatment and prevention of SIBO to how SIBO can be linked with thyroid, adhesions, gut-brain axis, lyme and much more.

I loved geeking out on some of the talks - it is truly information that you won’t find elsewhere on the internet.

You can access the June SIBO Summit here and keep your eyes peeled for future SIBO Summits!



#5 The Healthy Gut Podcast


Rebecca Coomes runs an incredible podcast where she interviews a wide range of practitioners and experts to discuss everything relating to SIBO. I have personally enjoyed listening to her podcasts, some of my favourite episodes have included:

  • Understanding SIBO with Dr Allison Siebecker

  • SIBO Bi-phasic Diet, testing and herbal treatments with Dr Nirala Jacobi

  • Steps to treating SIBO with Dr Melanie Keller

  • Organic Food and Gut Health with Sarah Butler

  • Thyroid and SIBO with Dr Michael Ruscio

You can access all the episodes here




In summary my top 5 SIBO resources I’m loving in 2017 are:

  • Dr Westin Child. Read here and listen here.

  • 2017 Integrative SIBO Conference. Read here.

  • Dr Allison Siebecker and her website. Read here and here.

  • The SIBO Summit by Shivan Sarna. Listen here.

  • The Healthy Gut Podcast by Rebecca Coomes. Listen here.


Knowledge is potential power. What you do with that knowledge is the actual power. We all need to start with developing and growing our knowledge base to enable us to know what to do with it.

This is why I like reading and learning because it enables me to continually assess what actions I need to take next. Whether it be continuing doing the same routines, switching it up, trying something new or simply cutting things out ...it all helps me to feel in control of my situation and feel at ease with the journey.

Health journey’s are just one big learning curve. If you can learn to fall in love with the journey you will be able to glisten so many gold nuggets, gifts and silver linings along the way.

There are the resources available to you, it is up to you whether or not you are going to be resourceful in using them to learn and take your next step forward or whether you are going to continue complaining that you don’t know the right path to take.

Yes, it is confusing. Yes, it is frustrating. Yes, it may feel like 2 steps forward, 1 step backwards (or more at times).

But down the track those little steps add up and the true value of learning, taking consistent daily action (aka: committing to your routines) every single day for 1, 3, 5 or 10 years will pay off and it will become extremely evident not only to you but others around you.

Have you come across a really great article or practitioner sharing SIBO advice? Please share a link to it in the comments below. 


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