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Routines with Elizabeth Gageler


Elizabeth is a health obsessed girl from Sydney who has adopted a plant based, holistic lifestyle to overcome a plethora of health issues.

Elizabeth has been able to implement routines and lifestyle changes to overcome depression and anxiety. As a teenager she struggled with mental health challenges and was heavily medicated for the most part of 10 years. It was only until she turned to the power of plants (foods and essential oils); weight lifting and powerlifting; self-love and personal development; and of course mumma nature that she navigated her way out. Now in her 30s she is healthier, stronger, happier and most importantly medication free.

Elizabeth is an inspiration to many on Instagram as she shares her daily routines and golden sparkles of wisdom on her Instagram Stories. Elizabeth is passionate about:

+ Plant based foods

+ Essential oils and crystals

+ Powerlifting 

+ Chemical free living 

+ Mindset and personal development 

🍋 Routines with Elizabeth 💦

Elizabeth shares all the routines that have helped her to reach this point in her life and live a life of positivity, health, fun, love and abundance. 

In the Ebook, Elizabeth shares all of the below routines with you.

Morning Routines

Food Routines

Grounding Routines

Night Routines

Fitness Routines

Emotional Healing Routines 

Sauna Routines

Hair Routines

Chemical Free Living Routines

Cellulite Routines

Crystal Routines

Essential Oil Routines



+ Natural sunscreen

+ Natural dry shampoo

+ Natural after sun lotion

+ Natural bug spray

+ Natural facial mist

+ Natural linen spray

Are you ready to up level your routines? 🤷🏻‍♀️

Are you ready to make a change? 🙋🏻‍♀️

If I hear a hell YESSSS, then grab my ebook and join me in designing the life you really WANT 🤩🌈🦄

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