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Dara continually ranks amongst the top Australian DJs and is often seen playing shows across the globe including touring with the likes of Tiesto.

She is the ultimate #GIRLBOSS who has built her business from the ground up and now has over 1 million followers. This has allowed her to diversify her business and attract premium brand sponsorships.

Dara has achieved all of this and is still the same genuine, down to earth Aussie girl today as she was back in 2010 playing her first gig.

Dara is passionate about:

+ DJing and music

+ Female empowerment and entrepeneurship

+ Healthy body - Exercise

+ Healthy mind - Mental health

+ Healthy food - Veganism

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Routines with dara hayes ebook

Dara shares all the routines that have helped her to reach this point in her life and live the life of her dreams: freedom, fun, love and abundance.

Dara shares her:

+ Morning routines

+ Night routines

+ Fitness routines

+ Food routines

+ Travel routines

+ Beauty routines

+ Business routines





Dara is a big believer that “we are what we eat” and she is very passionate about eating healthy food, in particular vegan food. In this food Q&A Dara answers common questions about her food habits including:

+ Why she went vegan

+ The benefits of going vegan

+ Whether she counts calories or not

+ What foods she is allergic to

+ How many meals a day she eats



FREE Business Q&A

Sometimes the easiest way to succeed is to learn from somebody who is already successful. In this business Q&A Dara answers common questions about her business including:

+ Her biggest failure in business

+ Her best investment in business

+ The equipment she uses when DJing

+ How she started out DJing

+ How to win on social media



FREE tips for aspiring DJs and Musicians

If you are thinking about becoming a DJ or Musician, or maybe you are already one but want to take it to the next level, then you are going to want to get your hands on this.

Dara shares the secrets behind her undeniable success in the DJ and music industry including tips for making more money as a DJ.


Eliza Cavalletto

"The Ebook was so amazing as it answered all of the questions I had been curious about after following Dara on Instagram over the years. There are routines from all aspects of her life (food, fitness, travel, beauty etc) and it was the perfect way to combine all the answers into one really easy guide. It was enjoable to read, had amazing photos, the layout was gorgeous and I couldn't recommend it more!"

Instagram: @fitfabfoods


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