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Kylie Gilbert is a Personal Trainer based in Sydney, Australia.

She has overcome her own battle with an eating disorder and has gone on to educate, inspire and empower women to be the best version of themselves. That doesn’t necessarily mean to look the best or the fittest, but to feel the best they can be, both physically and mentally.

Kylie helps females achieve a transformation through a holistic approach to health - fitness, nutrition and self love.

+ Fitness - the importance of strength training

+ Nutrition - using whole foods to nourish and fuel the body

+ Self love - shifting towards an abundant, confident and heart centered mindset

She is well known on Instagram by her long blonde hair and rocking abs but most importantly for keeping the conversation REAL and providing honest tips and advice for all females.


Routines with KYLIE GILBERT ebook

Kylie shares all the routines that have helped her to reach this point in her life and maintain a healthy mind, body and soul.

She shares her:

+ Morning routines

+ Night routines

+ Food routines - including food type, portion size and meal prepping

+ Fitness routines - including workout structure, warm ups and goal setting

+ Health routines - including supplements, period health, self love and mindset tips

+ Beauty routines - including makeup and fashion

+ Business routines - including tools, systems and tips for Personal Trainers




FREE 12 Week Fat Loss Training Program

Kylie believes the easiest way to achieve a goal is to follow a formulated plan that gets results. Kylie has created this fat loss program to help females achieve their body composition goals.

In this training program you will receive:

  • Printable 12 week training program (with the ability to track your progress)

  • 5 day program each week (4 weight days and 1 cardio day)

  • Recommended sets, reps and tips for best technique and form

The program is intended for females:

  • Who want to improve body composition e.g. fat loss

  • Looking for guidance on what to do in the gym

  • Who want to gain confidence working out on their own, especially in the weights room at the gym



FREE Tips To Lose Belly Fat and Get Abs

Although Kylie doesn’t usually recommend her female clients to focus on getting abs, in some situations (e.g. photoshoot, body competition) it makes sense for abs to be the primary goal.

Kylie shares her top 8 tips for losing the belly fat and scoring yourself a set of abs!



FREE 4 Step Approach To Overcoming Obsessive Behaviours

Kylie suffered from disordered eating when she was younger and has always had controlling tendencies around her food and training.

Over the years she has discovered 4 strategies that have helped her manage these behaviours so she can maintain a healthy balance around eating and working out. 


Are you ready to up level your routines?

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are you ready to make a change?




Rochelle Mace

"Wow, I've just downloaded your Ebook. I love how real and relatable you are. It is incredible so see how much you've grown and how you continue to flourish. It's super inspiring. Exactly what I needed to read through right now."


Instagram: @rochellemace


Erika Bencs

"I loved the Ebook, in particular your honesty and the amount of detail you go into. I'm 27 weeks pregnant and wanted to implement some more routine into my life. The Ebook has given me that motivation, especially the Food Prep section as the meals you eat are quite simple but really nourishing and tasty!"


Instagram: @erikabencsphotography



Lauren Lawlor

"Kylie's Ebook is really informative and is very true to the content she provides on her Instagram and blog, only in much greater detail. I consumed the entire Ebook within one night because it was that good. I would highly recommend this Ebook to any females wanting to improve their health, fitness and mindset."


Instagram: @laurenlawlor